Do You, Or Do You Not Trust Jesus Christ? by Frank Pollard

John 10:27-30
Does it keep amazing you that God's Word is so amazing? Why, we read the
Gospel accounts, following our Lord around, seeing Him show people what God is
like, hearing Him, with that devine genius, putting the most bewildering truths
of life into such simple little pictures. So clearly did He teach, that, no
longer is spiritual understanding a matter of intellect or human wisdom; now it
is reduced to this simple question: "Do you, or do you not, trust Jesus Christ?"
If you trust Him, believe Him, the way is made terribly clear. If you do not,
you are bewildered, uncertain, a "sheep without a shepherd."
In the beginning verses of the tenth chapter of John, He reduces the whole
world to a stock pen. All the people of the world, He said, are like the shep-
herd's sheep. The sheep are the most important thing in the pen. It's strange
we don't see that. You are so anxious to protect what you have; yet you leave
yourself unguarded, wide open to the enemy, who does not care what you have.
He wants to get you! Now Christ warns us that the enemy comes climbing over
the wall to steal your life. He keeps pulling the boards lose, trying to get
you to go out and look for life in unnatural ways. But there is a good, right
way to go in and out and find life. It is the normal, natural way, not through
a crack in the wall or a tunnel under the wall but through the door. Christ says,
"I am that door, the door to life."
Verse ten is a key verse in God's Word to understanding life. The thief
comes for this purpose, to steal life from you, to kill, to take life away from
you and to destroy, to crush the life that is in you. In contrast to that,
Jesus says: "I have come for one reason, God loves you! I have come for one
purpose, to give you back the life that has been stolen from you. That you
may have life to its full!"
It is Satan who wants to rob you, not Christ. Our Lord is not out to
"get" you; He ...

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