Good Faith, Bad Faith by Frank Pollard

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Genesis 15:6
Because of your commitment to foreign missions and
reflections of that in our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and
the Cooperative Program, I was invited to attend this past
week's meeting of the Foreign Mission Board in Richmond,
Between here and Atlanta, I shared a three-seat row in a
plan with a bright young man from Baton Rouge on his way back
to his Army unit in Berlin. We discovered in each other a
kindred faith. After deplaning we were walking down the
hallway of the crowded Atlanta terminal when he said: "Wait a
minute! I want to give you something!" He stopped and put his
bag on the floor, opened it, rummaged around in it and gave me
this. It's a piece of concrete. Looks like it could have come
from the curb in front of our house. "It's a piece of the
Berlin Wall," he said. And suddenly that chunk of concrete
became valuable to me.
It is now part of my trophy case. My trophy cas, only has
two things in it - this rock and this trophy. Now I won this
trophy at our church's golf tournament this year. It reads:
that's a rare trophy. How many right handed pastors over 50 do
you know who can shoot 102 in a golf tournament and get a trophy
for it? Now this trophy is real. I was there.
But I got to thinking about that rock. How do I know the
young army officer was telling the truth? How do I know this
rock didn't come from a sidewalk in Baton Rouge.
This thought caused me to remember a story about NASA
giving moon rocks to universities geological departments to
study. Well, for some reason, the geology department of one
school was overlooked and when they complained, there were no
more rocks left. So the NASA people went out into a pasture
and picked up a rock and sent it to the university. In several
weeks the university's head of the school of geology called a
press conference and announced, somewhat sarcastically: "We now
have documented proof that the cow really did jump over the
How do I know this rock is from the Berlin Wall? I have to
trust the young man who gave it to me.
Disturbing, isn't it, that we have to live by faith? And
that our life, our liberty, our welfare and our eternity are
vastly affected by what or whom we choose to believe.
The atheist chooses to believe there is no God and he, she
and all who trust them are eternally affected.
Adolph Hitler believed a strategy as strongly as any one
can. He caused others to believe in him, and World War II and
its ravages resulted.
At the same time across the world, Hirohito believed
himself a Diety, his nation followed him in faith to to their
own defeat.
Suddam Hussein believes; he has faith in an imagined god of
destruction, murder and conquest. All the world today are
affected by his faith and the faith of the millions who follow
There is good faith and bad faith. Faith is a powe ...

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