Some Of The Things God Wants You To Know About Sex by Frank Pollard

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Genesis 1:27, I Corinthians 6:18
Making a marriage work is quite a challenge. You know,
after the first six Seeks the strains of the wedding march die
out and now the song is, "Work for the Night is Coming."
A girl who used to sink in his arms has wound up with her
arms in his sink. Life is a bit different than anticipated.
There are many, many adjustments to make. One of the
greatest problems and by far the largest that people have in
making a home work, is money management. It seems that folks
get involved when they first marry in buying too many things
without the money to buy it with. They get involved in
credit and get caught up in carrying charges and literally
rob from themselves $18-$25 of every $100.00 of income just
by over-extending their credit.
Witen I was in seminary I had a friend who was part of
our carpool. We drove ninety miles out to where our little
counzry churches were. He always had a new car. I never
could understand that. I said, "Man, I know that you are
not doing better financially than I am, but you always have a
new car." He said, "Well, there's a little difference be-
tween us. You buy a car when you can afford it. I buy one
when I want it." A lot of people can live like that and get
into problems. That is one of the things that we have to
talk about in marriage. The adjustment is to make sure that
you are a good steward of all the money that you have.
On the other hand, I would never say that you are
supposed to wait to get married until you can afford it.
That would be a terrible thing to ask a couple to do.
Have you heard this?
"The bride leaning on her cane,
Her footsteps needing guiding,
While down the aisle
With a wan toothless smile,
The groom in a wheelchair came riding.
Who is this elderly couple just wed?
You will find if you closely explore it
That rare and conservative pair,
Who waited till they could af ...

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