Don't Steal Freedom From Yourself (9 Of 12) by Frank Pollard

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Exodus 20:lS
Life can be equated to a bicycle built for three. On the
third seat, going along for the ride, is the person who does
no peddling, no steering, and does not even notice the
scenery. On the middle seat sits one who loves the ride,
appreciates the scenery, thanks the one doing the peddling,
but makes no personal contribution to the effort. On the
front seat supplying all the power and direction sits the one
representing the mighty minority of people who make things
Margaret Slattery was one who made things happen. One day,
in a slum area of Chicago, she met a boy named Freddy. Freddy
was paralyzed from the waist down. His parents explained that
an expensive operation offered the chance that Freddy might
walk, but they simply couldn't afford the surgery. Margaret
Slattery made Freddy's plight known to the nation. She
diligently solicited the funds needed for the surgery. When
the moment of truth came, when Freddy was to try his first
steps, his parents said: "Miss Slattery, if Freddy can walk,
we want him to take his first steps toward you. You made
this possible." With great effort Freddy took two steps and
fell into her arms. The miracle had happened! Freddy could
Years later Margaret Slattery said, "I wish I could tell
you Freddy is now standing on those legs doing surgery to
help other children walk, but I can't say that. You see,
Freddy is in federal prison because he committed a hideous
crime against another." She went on to say: "Medical
science can help a boy to walk, but only God can help him
walk in the right direction."
The Ten Commandments are God's principles for walking in
Freedom's path, for walking in the right direction.
Commandment number six declares: If we are to keep free
we will recognize that something is very special about
another's life. Number seven asserts we are to recog ...

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