Passing On The Gift Of Freedom (5 Of 12) by Frank Pollard

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Exodus 20:12
I hope you will forever engrave on the wall of your awareness
this foundation fact concerning the Ten Commandments: They are
God-given principles for keeping free. Never entertain the
shallow notion -that Moses was a preacher with ten sug-gestions
for people who might want to be religious. He was the leader
of a brand new nation of people who were free for the first
time in their lives, In the very positive preamble to the Ten
Commandments God said, "I made you free. I want you to be
free. Now here are ten principles which must be obeyed if you
are to keep on being free."
Today, let's look at the twentieth chapter of Exodus, verse
twelve, and read together one of those principles for keeping
free: "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may
be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you."
John Drakeford has rightly stated: "The home is a
laboratory for living." How true that is, if we learn to live
well at home we can live well in the world. If we can produce
the kind of people who know how to honor their fathers and
mothers, we will have the kind of people who can "live long in
the land," that is, who can keep the freedom God has given us.
Most of us who have reared children feel tinges of guilt
when we confront this scripture. Being a parent, in our
society, is one of life's most challenging jobs. Few of us
feel we have done it well.
I heard of a preacher who, in his young years, had a sermon
titled "How To Raise Children." After children were born in
his family he changed the title of his sermon to: "Suggestions
On How To Raise Children." When those children became teenagers
he changed the title again. Now it is called, "Helpful Hints
For Fellow Strugglers."
It needs to be noted that sometimes parents can do a good
job and have a child to fail.
In Judges, chapters thirteen through sixteen, is found the
intriguing story of a ma ...

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