He Is The Foundation, And We Are The Rest Of The Building by Frank Pollard

Lately, Philip had decided to link his name to Ceasar's name
and added to the wonder of that building and named the adjacent
town Caesarea Philippi. Now our Lord surely must have been
speaking with His apostles about the strange ways of people;
what they will worship, of the cults they will follow, of the
people they will worship. About people like Philip who would
push themselves to a high level of recognition by linking
themselves with great people. Jesus said to them: "What do
people think about me?" They said: "Why, Lord, they don't know
what to think about you. Some think you're John the Baptist,
others Elijah or Jeremiah or one to the prophets." Then came
the ultimate question, a question all of us must face. "Buat
what do you think of me?" That's your question; that's mine.
What do you think of the Christ?
Have you ever looked at the reports of why people go to
church. You hear people saying this is why I go to church,
and it has so little to do with Jesus Christ. I heard about
a pastor who noted that a husband and wife had suddenly become
very active in church and were in all the services. And he
said to the husband: "I'm so glad to see you and your wife in
the services each Sunday." He said: "Well, preacher, it's a
matter of choice. I'd rather hear your sermon than hers."
Fortune magazine, several years ago, took a survey as to
why people go to church. They answered with things like: the
personality of the ministers, the kind of music that was sung,
the location of the church, the denominational affiliation,
and on and on. But the interesting thing was, the tragic thing
was that the name of our Lord Christ was mentioned neither in
the question nor in the answer. And yet Jesus Christ is the
church. He is the founder. He said: "I will build my church."
The church is inseparably linked with Christ and there is no
church without Him. On BBC several years ago, ther ...

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