The Picture Of A Perfect Christian by Frank Pollard

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Matthew 5:43- 48
Every now and then a young person will say: "I know I'm supposed
to be growing up, but I don't know what that means. Hfow will I know
when I'm nmature?" As one fellow asked: "It takes more titan razor
nicks and a higit school diploma to be a man, doesn't it?" Ihave you ever
asked your self: "if I get where I'm going, witere am I going to be?"
One of tite thrilling trutils of our Citristian faitt is that we know
what the goal is. We know wi-ere we're going. Want to i1ear tite motivation
of a Chiristian's dynamic? Here is an example. The world's grealtest
--missionary, co-author witit tite Spirit of God of half tile New Testament
declares: "L do not claim that I itave already succeeded or have already
become perfect. I keep striving to win the prize for witich Cl-rist Jesus
itas already won me to itimself. Cf course, my brothers, I really do not
titink ti-at I have already won it; t ie one t ing I do, however, is to for-
get what is behitnd me and do my i)e- t to reacit witat is aheadi. 0 i run
strai-igitt toward titegotil in order to win tlte prize, witt iS COI ' call
tIhr(;1IS Cl;F1t JiS.J tO ticlei . 1t~-e {!oe" ( I'l,.i l i pp3~l :1-) -1 1 I-iLV) .
itle Ctlri&,tian lifestyle is growtit al(l becoming. TI'te last line of
tite fiftit cliapte r of Mattitew tell I-s t,. our UiLi t goal : "'You tnit:U t be
perfect, just as your Fatiter in lteaven is perfi'ct." Yet one of t1le first
lines of t iis begi niling cltapter of t ie sermon ton tte motut says: ''happy
are tliose who know titey are spirittitIlly poor; t Ie Ki ttgdomL of eitaven beLlotigs
to tilell. ' (Mattttew 5:3) TrEV) . You enter 1 b ingdnom juriiey , wili cli our
l,ord asserts to be the itappiest way to travel tit is life b, y acknowledging
your toti)l spiritual1 poverty anli depravity. Knowing it wool d ie dlisastrnus
to ntsk for jt itict-, yoit c)onfess votti sins aI fi r . )nd' i mercy ...

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