Jeremiah's Bet by Ron Dunn

Jeremiah's Bet
Ron Dunn
Jeremiah 32:1-27

Intro: Jeremiah is in prison for preaching an unpopular message: (v. 2, 3)

1. No matter what, it is predetermined by God that they would be carried off into captivity. (v. 3)

2. One day they will be delivered from captivity and the land restored. (v. 15)

3. The people should go ahead an surrender so that they will be alive to enjoy the promise.

Jeremiah's cousin Hanamel came to see him in prison to sell Jeremiah a farm located in Anathoth, which is in enemy territory in the hands of the Chaldeans.

JEREMIAH BOUGHT THE FARM because God told him to. (v.7, 8 ). He had preached himself into a corner. If he really believed what he had been preaching, He had to put up shut up. JEREMIAH IS BETTING EVERYTHING ON THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD.


A. An untested faith is a worthless faith. You never know if what you are calling faith is really faith or not. If my lifeboat has holes in it, I want to know before my ship sinks.

1. You only learn to trust God by trusting God.

2. Most of us will never trust God until we have to.

3. God sees to it that we have to trust Him.

Illustration: Israel camped by the Red Sea and all the Egyptians in the world are swooping down on them. God told Moses to "stand still and see the salvation of the Lord and go forward", but forward was the Red Sea. THEY WERE FORCED TO TRUST GOD.

B. ...

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