The Service of Christ by Ron Dunn

The Service of Christ
Ron Dunn
Colossians 1:21-29

INTRO: If you are what you have always been, you have never met Christ! No man can meet Christ and remain the same. What the eye sees it can never unsee!

What happens to a man who meets Christ as the Preeminent, Lord of Creation, Image of Invisible God, Firstborn from the Dead, Ruler Over All Things, Reconciler of all Things, the Fullness of the Godhead. WHAT HAPPENS?

HE IS MADE A MINISTER! He becomes the servant of that Christ. Paul says twice He was MADE A MINISTER, a servant. Service for Christ is the result of a head-on collision with Jesus Christ.

When a man is captivated by the Loving Lordship of Jesus, He is MADE a servant.


vs. 24--"NOW as a result of meeting Him as Lord.

1. We must be READY TO SUFFER. This is far from the experience of most of us. Matt. 5:9,10; I Peter 4:12; II Tim. 2:3; 3:12; Phil. 1:29; Rom. 8:17; John 15:18-1

What Kind? Jesus left some suffering or us to do. Not the Calvary sufferings..."It is finished". But the World wasn't finished with Jesus. The word "affliction" is never used of the redemptive suffering of Christ.

(1) The Sufferings to Birth the Church

(2) The Sufferings to Build the Church

If childbearing were the only pain involved in rearing a family, it would be easy... even into adulthood Gal. 4:1-9

The Sufferings of Obedie ...

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