Sifted But Saved by Ron Dunn

Sifted but Saved
Ron Dunn
Luke 22:31, 32

(1) The deepest love, the truest desire to follow Jesus may be overborne, overwhelmed and the whole set of life be contradicted for a time.
(2) The greatest fall may be recovered. Simon is the illustration of this truth.


Satan desires the believer. "Sift" means to harass till nothing but chaff remains. Satan wants to prove we are like Judas.

I Peter 5 "...goes about seeking whom he may devour."

Job: "...from walking to and fro on the face of the earth--Hast thou considered my servant?" His answer reveals he had considered him. He had a file on Job, knew all about him, knew of God's protection of him. He knew there wasn't a hole in the hedge. He had walked all around it looking for a way through it.

Like a lion, Satan stalks before he leaps. He is an opportunist, watching and waiting for an opportunity, a vulnerable spot.

THIS IS SERIOUS: In His warning, Jesus says, "Simon, Simon...". Simon is repeated and used instead of Peter, his Christian name. It denotes his natural weakness.

Eph. 4:27 "Neither give place to the devil ....". A foothold, a base of operation. The believer is the object of his attention.


A. He strikes during stressful periods. He kicks us when we are down.

1. To cripple us and make us inadequate for the crisis. Jesus was facing the cross. Soon the disciples would be called into the greatest test of their lives.

2. The moment the argument broke out among the disciples (see verses 24 ff) he seized the opportunity.

B. He strikes at our strong points. Our strong points are really our weak points. They are unguarded because we think they are secure.

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1. Peter's pride and presumption: "I'll follow thee to the death." He thought he was more spiritual and courageous than the rest.

2. The preceding argument about who would be greatest in the kingdo ...

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