Oneness with Christ by Ron Dunn

Oneness with Christ
The Dynamic of Salvation
Ron Dunn
Ephesians 1:15-2:7; 3:7-11

INTRO: Salvation is like a room with many windows, each window gives a different view of the same room. It takes all the windows to give an adequate view of the room.

One of the windows is our ONENESS WITH CHRIST. This is required if we are to have an adequate view or concept of salvation.

KEY WORD; "Together" --made alive together, raised together, seated together. We share in all that god has done for and in Christ.


The Heavenlies: 1:3, 20; 2:6; 3:10; 6:12. Doesn't refer to "heaven" but to the sphere of spiritual activity, the unseen life, world, which, according to II Cor. 4:18, is the real world.

1. A Past Event. Doesn't refer to future state in heaven. Something that has already happened.

2. A Present Experience. This is our postion in Christ.

(1) Place of our Spiritual Address. The believer has two addresses, geographical and theological.

Phil. 3:20 --Our citizenship is in Heaven. The Christian life is to be lived in the heavenlies, according to the LAWS OF HEAVEN.

Things look better from up here. Everything in the Christian life depends upon our position. We pray, walk, fight, etc., from our position in Christ.

(2) Place of Spiritual Abundance. v. 1:3 That's where all the spiritual blessings are. If we don't know how to live from this position, according to the laws of Heaven, we miss the blessings.

(3) Place of Spiritual Activity v. 6:12. That's where the action is.

(4) Place of Spiritual Authority v. 2:6. Christ sat down and we sit with Him.

a. A Work completed. Heb. 1. We rest ...

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