The Character Of A Counterfeit by Adrian Rogers

The Character Of A Counterfeit
Adrian Rogers
II Peter 2:9-15

Would you take God's word? And turn with me please to Second Peter. It's back over toward the end of the New Testament. Second Peter, second Chapter and when you've found it, look up here and let me tell you what happened in our family. Joyce and I were walking down the street one day, and we looked on the ground and there was a twenty-dollar bill. We picked it up and thought, that's our good fortune to find a twenty dollar bill. But when I held in my hand for a while, the print didn't seem to be just exactly right on that bill, and I held it for a while and the ink came off in my hands. And I realized it was a counterfeit. Do you know that so disgusted me with money, and turned me off so much that what Joyce and I did was this. We went immediately to the bank, took all of the money that we had in the bank out. Took our savings and everything else, and went out into the back yard and had a bonfire. We burned it all and we said, "That does it. We're finished with money." Do you believe that? I hope not. I hope not. When we found the counterfeit, which we didn't, the whole story is fictitious, but my dear friend, have you ever known anyone who comes across a counterfeit Christian and says, "That does it. I'm finished. No more Christianity for me." Friend, it is the counterfeit that proves the worthwhileness of the real. Isn't it? Men don't counterfeit wrappers. Men counterfeit fifty dollar bills or a hundred dollar bill. Why? Because the hundred bill is worth something, not much, but it's worth something. And so it is the counterfeit that proves the validity, the worthwhileness of the real. Now, what Simon Peter is dealing with here in this chapter is counterfeits. Look, if you will, in Chapter two verse one. "There were false prophets . . ." Do you see the word "false"? It's the word pseudo, pseudo prophets. Look, if you will, in verse three, "And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you:" The word feign is the word plastos. It's the word we get plastic from, plastic prophets, pseudo prophets, counterfeit Christian, merchandisers and hucksters of the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is what we're facing in this age, but people have always faced these things. Don't discard your faith because of some counterfeit Christian. Just make certain that you know the Lord Jesus Christ. Be so ridiculous for you to say, "Well, I'm not going to church anymore, because there's some hypocrites in the church." When anybody tells me that, I say, "Do tell. You mean there's some hypocrites in church? Oh, what news that is to me, I never knew it." Of course I that would be just shear sarcasm. One of the twelve apostles was a hypocrite. There are hypocrites in every age and in every profession. Some doctors are quacks, but you don't stop going to doctors when you're sick. Some lawyers are shysters, but you need legal advice, you'll find a good lawye ...

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