Blessed Assurance - Part 2 (2 of 2) by Adrian Rogers

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Blessed Assurance - Part 2 (2 of 2)
Adrian Rogers
II Peter 1:12-21; I Peter 3:21-22

Take God's word and turn with me please to Second Peter, Chapter one and we're going to begin reading where we left off last week, in verse twelve. There was a blind lady whose name was Fanny Crosby. Fanny Crosby loved the Lord Jesus with all of her heart, and I suppose one of the most gifted and prolific hymn writers of all time. We sing so many of Fanny Crosby's hymns. One day a lady came to Fanny Crosby with a melody, and said "Fanny, I want you to listen to this melody and see what it says to you. Perhaps you could write the words." She listened to it a while, and she said "Oh, that's easy. That says to me, blessed assurance, Jesus is mine. Oh what a foretaste of glory divine." Now, we're talking about Authentic Christianity, and I want to speak today on this subject, blessed assurance. Last week we talked about how to be sure that you're sure. And our scripture last week spoke of making your calling and election sure. And today we're going to see that we have a more sure word of prophecy, where we can say, "Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine." I know that I know that I have a right relationship with God. I'm standing on the solid rock. I have a blessed, wonderful assurance. I want you to have that assurance. I don't want you to have a "hope-so" salvation, I want you to have a "know-so" salvation. I don't want you to be a doubting Christian, I want you to be a shouting Christian, to say "Praise God, I know that I know that I'm saved." I want you to have that blessed assurance. Now my dear friend, there's so much inauthenticity around today, there's so much confusion, so many counterfeits, so many as Dr. Lee used to say, "So many isms that ought to be wasms," that many of us don't really know where we ought to stand. I want to make a suggestion to you that you don't spend too much time studying the false, but that you make yourself acquainted with that which is real. There's an old story of a man who applied for a job as a Mississippi River boat pilot, and as they gave him the test, they said, "Do you know where the shoals are?" And he said, "No." And they said, "Do you know where the sunken rocks are?" He said, "No." They said, "Well, do you know where the hidden logs are?" He said, "No." They said, "Well, how do you expect to be a river boat pilot?" He said, "Because I know where the channel is." And my dear friend there's a lot you may not know, and perhaps you don't have to know, but there are some things that you very much must know. You must know where the channel is, whether the river of truth is running and be able to say, "Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine." And that's what we're going to be talking to you about today, and I want you to begin reading now with me in verse twelve. The Apostle Peter says, "Wherefore I would not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them," there's our word again, know, "and be ...

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