The Nail Scarred Hands by Adrian Rogers

John 20
Adrian Rogers

Would you take your bibles this morning and open to John
the twentieth chapter. In a moment we will commence reading
in verse twenty four. John chapter twenty. It's good to
hear the pages flutter, get the bible there, open in your
lap. If you didn't bring a copy of the scripture with you
most likely there's one in the pew right before you. Find
John chapter twenty.

Now, I want to ask you a question. What is the only man
thing in heaven? What is the only man made thing in heaven?
I believe the only manmade thing in heaven are the scars in
the hands of Jesus, the wounds in his feet, those scars yet
visible above in beauty glorified.

Now, I want to talk to you today about the scars of Jesus.
When you go somewhere on a vacation so many times you bring
back a souvenir. Jesus visited this planet and he brought
back as a souvenir, not something cheap and not something
temporary, but something if I understand the bible that
will endure for all eternity and bought at a fearful price.
As a matter of fact, the prophet Zachariah pictures the
Lord Jesus as he's coming again and people behold him and
they say what are those wounds in your hand? And he said
those are the wounds that I received when I was wounded in
the house of my friends.

He still bears those emblems of his suffering and over
yonder in the book of Revelation the apostle John saw the
lamb upon the throne but he saw a lamb as though he had
been slain. I take it the wounds are still there, a lamb as
though he had been slain.

"The Nail Scarred Hand" is the title of my message. Back in
the early twenties, one of the Southern Baptist great song
writers B. B. McKinney, was in a revival meeting in Allen
Texas and the evangelist gave the invitation and he said to
the people want you give your heart to Jesus? Will you not
Place your hand in the nail scarred hand. That phrase stuck
in the mind of ...

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