Grasshoppers, Giants And Gray Hair by Adrian Rogers

Grasshoppers, Giants And Gray Hair
Adrian Rogers

And I want you to take your bibles and turn if you will to the book of Joshua the fourteenth chapter, an exciting chapter, an exciting story. Today we're talking about gray hairs, grasshoppers and giants, a message we're going to entitle GRASSHOPPERS, GIANTS, GRAY HAIRS. That doesn't tell you what it's about though. I want to tell you what it's about. The message today is going to be about laying hold of the promises of God. It's going to be about appropriating the- things that God has for you, taking the word of God, the truth of God, the promise of God and getting them out of the bible and into your heart and out of your heart and into your life so that you can enjoy that victory in Jesus that we were singing about a little while ago. Do you know that uh, many Christians today have a real problem and I'll tell you what that problem is and there are a lot of us here in the choir and other places that have that problem. We believe the bible, we really believe it, but somehow we don't know how to appropriate the bible and get it's truth into our heart. Now, we read the bible and we have in the bible what we call exceeding great and precious promises and there are exceeding great exceedingly precious and we love them and we say what a precious promise that is. Sometimes we'll even write the promise out and uh, do it in embroidery or calligraphy, we'll put it on the wall and it's a marvelous motto that we have on our wall. But I want to tell you something friend, it's alright to make mottos out of these verses and put them on the wall, I have some on my walls but these are not primarily; mottos to be hung on the wall, they are checks to be carried to heaven's/ bank and to be cashed. Do you understand what I am saying? I mean, dear friend, that we somehow need to get these things out of the theoretical and get them down into the practical and to the actual and lay hold of the promise of God D lot of people just sort of window shop through the bible. Do you know what window shopping is. A lot of ladies go window shopping, they walk up and down and look at things and come home. They don't have to buy anything to have a good time. One man said to his wife, why do you call it shopping? You never buy anything. She said why do you call it fishing, you never catch anything. Now, that's the way some people do with the bible, they just sort of window shop through the bible, but they never come away with the promises of God in their hand, laying claim to the promises of God. So, I want to talk to you dear friend, about how to take these truths and make them real, to appropriate these truths so that they will be promises that are rich and real in your heart and in your life. Now, first of all I want us to read the story. It's the story of an eighty five year old giant killer and mountaineer. His name was Caleb and let's begin to read here in uh, oh, let's start in verse six, chapter fourteen verse six. The ...

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