The Power Of Proper Authorities by Adrian Rogers

The Power Of Proper Authorities
Adrian Rogers

Thank you so much. Take your Bibles please and turn to the gospel of Matthew chapter 5. Everyone has been very solicitous about my voice and I appreciate that. I got some post nasal drip last Sunday and I preached vociferously three times in a row Sunday morning and that did my voice in for last Sunday night. I so appreciate Tom Clayton, Jr. who preached in my stead, obviously did a better job than I would have done. And we just praise the Lord for that great message and anointing that God gave to our dear Brother. But then in the meanwhile I've gotten both feet back in the stirrups and preached Wednesday night guardedly and Thursday in a funeral service and then three times this morning and then had deacons meeting this afternoon. So I believe we'll the message I'm sure to your delight short and sweet tonight. So, let's look in Matthew chapter 5, literally, actually our sermon title is Proper Priorities, or the power of proper priorities. I was thinking again that this is the first Sunday of the new year. So I thought we would think about some first things tonight.

And I took my concordance and studied the book of Matthew and found how Matthew has an unusual way of emphasizing the sayings of Jesus that deal with putting first things first. Now, uh, next Sunday night, God willing and if the rapture hasn't come and we're all able to come, next Sunday night we want to bring our concluding message in the series on the book of Revelation. You know for, it seems like since Hector was a pup, we have been dealing with the book of the Revelation and we have uh, for one reason or another, various things have come alone and so we want to deal last Sunday, God willing with the 22nd chapter of the book of the Revelation.

And then I am very excited about some new theories that I want us to study together. I want us to study together the life of David in the Old Testament. It's been a blessing to my heart as I've been studying David. We're going to be looking together to the life of David. And also in the Gospel of John, we're going to be studying together the gospel of John. I think that will be a good series from the Old Testament. And then again from the New Testament.

And then on Wednesday evening, we're going to be looking on Wednesday evening at contemporary issues. Challenges to the cross, challenges to Christianity. We're going to be studying what the Bible teaches about such subjects as abortion and homosexuality, and evolution, and church and state and pornography and gambling and divorce and all of these modern day issues. And we're going to try to hold up the word of God and find "what saith the word of God" on these issues. And I'm excited about our study together on these issues. We'll be delving into the word of God on Sunday morning and Sunday evening and Wednesday evening. And I want you to make it your prayer and your resolution that you'll be a part of these studies and that ...

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