Making Numbers Count by Adrian Rogers

Making Numbers Count
Adrian Rogers
Revelation 1

Now, and turn to the last book and the first chapter of the last book. Turn to Revelation chapter one, and I want us for a starting place to look at verse twenty. Revelation chapter one, and verse twenty. And I suggest that you get a pencil and a piece of paper I because uh, or pen, because so many times when we preach a message like this people come up to me afterward and say where was that scripture. There's no. need for me to tell you twice. Alright, Revelation chapter one and verse twenty. "The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven candle- sticks which thou sawest are the seven churches." Now, whether you understood that verse or not, you at least heard the number seven used many times. And I want you to see that numbers are used in the book of the Revelation in a symbolical way. And uh, the number seven is a very, very, key number in understanding the book of the Revelation. So, as we're thinking about the symbolical use of numbers, I want to bring this message entitled MAKING NUMBERS COUNT.

Now, I've said that seven is the key number in the book of the - Revelation and let's just think a little bit about how the book is structured. Next Sunday night, I believe I'm going to give you God's outline of the book of the Revelation and it is a three part outline. But none the less, there is another configuration of the book of the Revelation and it is in seven parts and each of those seven parts are in sevens. Now, if I ever preach a seven point message with seven sub points it would be very much like the book of the Revelation and I know you hope I don't. But listen, first of all in chapters one and one through three roughly speaking, we have seven churches. And in chapters four through seven, you might want to jot this down, there's seven seals. In chapters eight through eleven, there are seven trumpets. In chapters uh, twelve through fourteen, there's seven persons. In chapters fifteen through uh, sixteen, there are seven vials, V I A L S, or bowls. In chapters seventeen through twenty, there are seven judgments. And in chapters twenty one through twenty two, there are seven new things. And so, we have seven groups of sevens which make up the entire book of the Revelation. That didn't just happen by chance. That is there, dear friend, by design. And so, the entire book of the Revelation mentions seven, seven, seven, seven, and it has seven points and each of those have seven sub points.

And so, I want us to think about uh, numbers under three headings tonight. Uh, the middle one will be the longest. But first of all I want us to think of the SCIENCE OF NUMBERS. Then I want us to think of the SYMBOLISM OF NUMBERS. And then I want us to think of the SIGNIFICANCE OF NUMBERS. First of all the SCIENCE OF NUMBERS. God really wrote two books. He wrote this book that ...

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