The Seventh Commandment by Adrian Rogers

The Seventh Commandment
Adrian Rogers

And in Exodus chapter twenty and verse fourteen we come to this commandment, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not commit adultery. May we pray one more time? Our heavenly father, we pray that as we preach thy word that thou shalt give special anointing from heaven. Lord, we claim anointing, we claim power, we claim dear God, in the name of Jesus, the fullness of your spirit and God, I pray that the lost will come to know Jesus and that the saved will be strengthened, for we pray in his name, Amen.

We are told I say we are told that America has gone through a moral and sexual revolution but if is a revolution indeed, it's been a pitiful revolution for we have turned the wrong way and Americans are being sucked down into the swirling spools of sin by certain demon inspired philosophies that are being profligate on every hand. Some wag asked do you remember when air was clean and immorality was dirty? Do you have that long a memory? Oh, dear friends, there are certain things that are still wrong and God's word is still true. There are three things that I want you to notice about this verse today. Number one, I want you to notice the sacredness of married life, the sacredness of married life, the word adulterate means to make impure. The word adulterate means to harm, to marr something that is beautiful. What is it that is so beautiful? What is it that is so pure that God does not want it diluted and marred and harmed? Of course it is the married life and here God is speaking of the sacredness, the sanctity of the married life.

'There are some people who would like for us to believe that marriage like the Model T Ford or like the kerosene lamp is obsolete if it ever was in vogue and Dr. David Mace quotes a judge who said let's face the facts. I suppose we'll lust have to allow ourselves to have to two or three marriages before they finally settle down. Well, you know I don't believe that. I believe that marriage is a wonderful institution ordained of almighty God. It was the first institution that God ordained.

I heard about a women who was speaking about her husband and someone said where did you meet him? She said I met him at a travel agency, he was the last resort. Well, marriage is not God's last resort. To the contrary, it was God's first institution. It would be interesting for you to note that marriage came before laws, before government, before civilization, before the church or even before God gave us a system for worship. Marriage was the first institution in the Garden of Eden.

The bible says in Genesis chapter two and verse eighteen. And the Lord God said it is not good that the man should be alone. I will make an helpmeet for him. That word help meet, incidentally, it does not say help eat, ha, that word help meet means a help that is fitting, a proper help. You see, man was incomplete without his woman. A woman was incomplete without her man and the Hebrew scholars tell u ...

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