The Believers Authority And The Ministry Of Deliverance (2 of 2) by Jimmy Evans

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The Believers Authority And The Ministry Of Deliverance (2 of 2)
Series: Demons And The Ministry Of Deliverance
Jimmy Evans
Matthew 18

I. THE AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER - The Authority of the Believer over demons is gained through four sources.

1. By Divine Right -
- exousia and dunamis
- positional authority with Christ.

2. Personal Preparation
- Personal healing and spiritual health
- Obedient Lifestyle
- Close Relationship with the Holy Spirit (discerning of spirits)
- Fasting and prayer (closeness to God)

3. Adherence to the Revealed Truth of God's Word
- knowledge of the word
- objective foundation with submissive direction

4. Agreement with Fellow Christians
- the more we are in agreement n spiritual warfare, the more authority we have
(Matthew 18)

- Assuming we are prepared personally to minister deliverance, we must remember that Jesus is our model. Here are some of the facts related to Jesus ministry of deliverance.

1. Jesus ministered deliverance with faith and great authority -
Mark 1:21 - Synagogue in Capernaum

2. Jesus ministered with compassion
-Lk. 9 - demon possessed boy
-Matt. 9:36 - Jesus had compassion on the people because they were, ''Harrassed and scattered like sheep without a shepherd.''
-Love is the basis for all true ministry.

3. Jesus' ministry of deliverance never took a long period of time to accomplish.

4. Except in the case of the man at the synagogue in Capernaum, Jesus' only ministered to those who wanted it and who had faith in
- Paul and the girl with the spirit of divination
Acts 16:16
- Stopping the horse It's dynamic, but dangerous - Lk.11

5. As Jesus ministered, He used direct commands to the demons
- not, ''Father, please cleanse these demons.''

6. Jesus only weapon in demonic conflict were words
- no objects or sacraments were needed
- the tremendous power of the spoken words.
- Matthew 8:16 - Jesus cast out demo ...

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