Demons And The Believer (1 of 2) by Jimmy Evans

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Demons And The Believer (1 of 2)
Series: Demons and the Ministry of Deliverance
Jimmy Evans


a.) We must accept the reality of demonic presence.

- cosmic vs. imperialistic view
- western objectivity
- ostrich syndrome
- ignorance (breeds fear, danger and abuse)

There is a great need for Scriptural authority in this area.

b.) We must not make demons or the devil our focus, Jesus must be our focus.
- demons behind every bush
- produces fear
- produces heresy
- produces unhealthy Christians

c.) We must be sober but not intimidated in our approach to Spiritual conflict.
- we must be properly prepared
- we must remember Who we serve and how great He is

d.) The Scriptures must remain our basis of authority.
- not Hollywood (the Exorcist,etc)
- not experience

e.) We must not try to find ''pat answers'' in dealing with demons or the demonized.
- We must obey Scriptural truth
- We must follow the Spirits leading every situation.

f.) We must properly understand the term ''demon possession''
- demonized

g.) We must not transfer our responsibility for our sins on demons.
- we have a sin nature
- the problem of Christian humanism
- Galatians S - deeds of the flesh

Scripture is unclear to the origin of demons.
The most widely accepted belief concerning the origin of demons is that they are fallen angels under Satan's control. - Isaiah 14:12-24/ Rev. 12

III. THE NATURE OF DEMONS - (characteristics)
1. They are unclean spirits - Rev. 16:13-14/ Mark 1:21
- This term is synonymous with the word ''demon''. They leave uncleanness wherever they go.

2. They are personal - They are living, intelligent, emotional, verbal, volitional and purposeful. (to defy and destroy)


3. They are malevolent - Mark 9:17-29 - epileptic boy
They are just like their ruler, they desire to steal, kill and destroy. Jn. 10

4. Powerful - Mark 5:4, the Gadarene ...

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