The Seven Biblical Signs Of The End Times by Jimmy Evans

The Seven Biblical Signs of the End Times
Jimmy Evans

Purpose of this teaching: Almost every generation from the times of Jesus resurrection have believed they were the last generation. How can we tell if we truly are living in the last days or if we are simply one more generation hoping in vain to see the return of Christ and the close of the present age. Without presuming on God or following false emotions or desires, the Bible gives us seven clearly objective signs which will take place in the end times. Understanding these seven signs and measuring them against our current world will help us to measure with more accuracy whether or not we are truly living in the end. My personal opinion is that we are living in the end of the end)

1. The Presence of Israel - Luke 21:24 (Jerusalem trampled...)

2. The Condition of Mankind - II Timothy 3 (Lovers of self, money)

3. The Spiritual Climate of the World - II Thess. 2 (apostasy)
(Includes persecution of Christians - Matthew 24, hostility to the spirit of Jesus). - focus on increasing persecution.


Importance of Numerics

3 - Completion (Godhead)
6 - Man (666)
7 - Perfection (week, spirits of God)
8 - New Beginnings (ark, David)
12 - Government (patriarchs, apostles)
40 - Testing, probation, Israel, Jesus

We are at the end of six and about to begin the seventh. What is seventh sanctified for?
1. Rest
2. God

- God created the world and everything in it in six days. On the seventh He stopped.

- Man was created on the sixth day. The number of man in Scripture is the number six. i.e. Rev. 13:18, 666 is the number of triune man.

- God's number is the number seven. It's the number of perfection.
Seven days in a week. Candle in tabernacle, menorah, seven spirits of God. (Exodus 25)
- From Adam to Jesus Christ there were 4000 years. (28 generations)
-There have now been 1992 (plus at least 4 years. Herod died in 4 B.C.) ...

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