Seven Biblical Signs of the End Times by Jimmy Evans

Seven Biblical Signs of the End Times
Jimmy Evans
Luke 2-1


Purpose of this teaching: To give us objective data to measure our world against the world the Bible says will exist in the end.

1. The Existence of Israel - Luke- 2-1
2. The Condition of Mankind - II Tim. 3
3. The Spiritual Condition of the World - II Thess. 2
4. Biblical Numerics - Gen. 2:1
5. Wars and Rumors of Wars - Matt. 24/ Luke 21
6. Earthquakes, Famines and Pestilence - Matt. 24/ Luke 21
7. The Final Alignment of Nations - Rev. 13

Three Major Prophecies Concerning the Nations of the End Times World

''How to Recognize the End Times World''

Where is America in Bible prophecy?

- Four Possible Scenario's -
1. America is present and intact, but has declined to becoming a second rate power.
- We are currently #1 debtor nation in the world.
- We are dismantling our war machine and laying off soldiers.
- We are softening our strong national political identity and agenda for a place in the ''New World Order''.
- through crime, AIDS, drugs, alcohol, abortion, the demise of the family, etc. we
continue to deteriorate.

2. Because of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, America is in a state of turmoil and weakness.
- Millions of Americans are born again Christians.
- President and Vice President
- Many major leaders on all levels of government.
- Economy would be in an uproar, military would be mostly non-functional for a good period of time. Media would go on unhindered.

3. America has become politically entangled with the Anti-Christ system -
- New World Order! President Bush/ UN
- What does New World Order mean?
- lowering of national for international.
- We are financially desperate and becoming more so. Anti-Christ will exert tremendous financial influence. Rev. 13/EEC

4. We have been militarily destroyed -
- Soviet Union - Sheverdnadze's comment
- Third World nuclear atta ...

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