The Essence Of Salvation by Jimmy Evans

The Essence Of Salvation
Jimmy Evans
Acts 15:13-18

The essence of salvation is relationship.
-The presence of the Judaizers in the early church was to exalt religious law over personal relationship with God.
(Baseball cap at retreat. Linen cloth over communion.)
-The actions of the apostles preserved the essence of Christianity.
-Religion vs. personal relationship.
-Rev. 3:20 - ''Behold, I stand at the door and knock.''
-John 10 - ''I am the door of the sheepfold.'' ''My sheep hear my voice.''
-John 14 - ''I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father, but through Me.''
-Matt. 11 - ''Come to Me all you who are weary.''

The Tabernacle of David

-II Samuel 6 and 7
-I Chron. 16:37-43
-I Chron. 1

The Tabernacle of David vs. the Tabernacle of Moses

-Religion vs. relationship
-N.T. vs. O.T.
-Law vs. grace
II. Samuel 6 and 7


1. Misconceptions about His nature - II Samuel 6
a. -Vss. 1-3 - He is a person, not an object. (ox cart)
-They treated Him impersonally (an ox cart), just as the Philistines had.
(programs vs. relationship)
-You cannot usher in the presence of God with programs, money, advertising or personalities. Respectful relationship of God's people is the only thing which will usher in His presence.
b. He is not led by man, He is followed. - (Ahio (''brotherly'') - vs. 4 - ''...Ahio was walking ahead of the ark.''
-(presumption vs. relationship)
-The position of true faith.
-Romans 10:17
-Mark 11 - ''proskuneo'' unbelief - faith - presumption
c. He doesn't need our help, Ha wants our love - Uzzah - (''strength'')
-Sovereignty vs. parity. (God is my co-pilot)
-(partnership vs. relationship)

2. Wrong feelings and attitudes toward God caused by our ignorance

vs. 8 - David became angry. - ignorance breeds frustration
vs ...

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