The Dynamics Of A Dream Marriage by Jimmy Evans

The Dynamics Of A Dream Marriage
Jimmy Evans
Ephesians 5

Defining a Dream Marriage:

A marriage where both partners' needs are totally met.
A marriage where given the opportunity, neither spouse would
choose someone else over their mate.
A life-long relationship built on commitment and trust, where the
deepest needs and desires of our lives are cherished, honored and
shared by our best friend and spouse.


1. Each spouse has an active, personal relationship with Jesus, in
which their deepest personal needs are met (identity, security, purpose), their personal behavior is enhanced and scrutinized and
they are supplied with the grace and strength necessary to love their mate.
-Loving Jesus prepares us to love others.

2. Each spouse accepts their function and identity in marriage as set forth in Scripture.

Ephesians 5:

-man - sacrificing and sensitive
-woman - submitted and honoring

3. Each spouse understands and accepts the different nature and needs of their spouse, as well as their responsibility to meet those needs.

The woman's needs
1. Affection
2. Conversation
3. Openness and honesty
4. Financial security
5. Family involvement

The Man's Needs
1. Sex
2. An attractive wife
3. Recreational kinship
4. Domestic support
5. Honor and esteem


There is not one common point of need between men and women's 5 most important areas.

Af ...

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