Building For The Lord by Jimmy Evans

Building For The Lord
Jimmy Evans

INTRODUCTION: The project we are currently involved in to pay off our debts is the most important step we have ever taken as a congregation. Why?

- It's the biggest step - biggest project ever!
- It's the final step (sanctuary - related to John's living room- Presbyterian Children's Home - 4808 S. Bonham - here - then final home for us)
- It's a pivotal step - we are deciding whether or not we have the desire or resolve to finish what we've started and to obey God's will. This will either be the greatest step toward growth or death we have ever taken.

Numbers 13 and 14
- The children of Israel were poised on the verge of possessing their promise.
- God wanted them to possess it because:
- He desired to glorify Himself through them as a people to the world. (draw attention to them)
- He wanted them to be in an environment where they could prosper and multiply.
- He wanted them to have an inheritance for future generations.
- These same reasons apply to us today as we build.


1. The issue of glorifying God - this should be our chief concern.

- Will this magnify and further God's kingdom and reputation?

2. The issue of physical multiplication
- Can we aggressively grow and plan for the future? (10 years)
- Israel was growing in Egypt, but it was causing huge problems with Pharoah. They could only grow properly in the promised land.
3. The issue of posterity

- What are we going to leave to our children and their children?
- Do we want to stop now?
- We are growing very quickly in the Old Testament sense, besides evangelism.


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