A Prophetic Grid for Victory in the Modern Church by Jimmy Evans

A Prophetic Grid for Victory in the Modern Church
Jimmy Evans
Joel 1 and 2

Introduction: Even though the principles of God's word are always true, there are seasons and situations which require special insight and instructions. America is currently in such a season. As James Dobson stated this year, ''America is in a moral free fall.'' Every fiber of morality and Judeo-Christian ethic is being questioned and attacked from society, Satan's kingdom and even within the church. The result is social confusion, spiritual disillusionment and moral decay and imminent collapse. As we will see in the book of Joel, God has an answer for such a time as this, if we will be careful to receive it and courageous in carrying it out.


A. Joel prophesied during the reign of Kina Uzziah
- Nation had experienced incredible prosperity and military prowess. (second only to Solomon)
- Response of the people and the priesthood of Uzziah's reign was careless ease. (chapter 1 - God rebukes the drunkards, the farmers and the priesthood = current parallel is a. those who have a careless, party attitude b. the commerce and business
leaders of the day and c. the church)
- There was a threefold curse placed on Israel. 1 The Kina had leprosy - 2 Chronicles 26:14-20
- Leprosy was the punishment for rebellion against the authority of God. (Miriam and Moses)
- Uzziah tried to expand his authority to exclude the sovereignty and priority of the priesthood.
- Clinton's acceptance speech/ schools/ persecution

2. The crops were being eaten by locusts - Joel 1:6

For a nation has come up against My land, Strong, and without number;
His teeth are the teeth of a lion, And he has the fangs of a fierce lion.
- AIDS, National debt, violence, foreign competition, education crisis

3. The blessing of God had departed from His house. - Joel 1:16

Is not the food cut off before our eyes,
Joy and gladness from the house of our God?
- The church in gen ...

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