The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit by Jimmy Evans

The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit
Jimmy Evans

Introduction: After studying the issue of tongues as an initial outward evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit and as our private prayer and praise language, we now come to the point of studying tongues as a gift of the Spirit to the corporate church. In this study, we seek to understand tongues and interpretation of tongues as gifts of the Spirit and how they can be Biblically demonstrated for the fullest
edification of the church.

- Update from previous teachings
- Definition of tongues and the interpretation of tongues as manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit.
- Tongues - The God given enablement to communicate in a language one does not know, to be interpreted in the church assembly so that all may understand.
- Interpretation of Tongues - The supernatural, spontaneous ability to interpret a communication given in tongues into the language understood by the people present.


1. To be a ''sign'' to the unbeliever - I Corinthians 14:21-22
- Tongues are a sign because:
a.) They are evidence of the supernatural. (Acts 2:6-8; 1 Cor. 14:21-22)
b.) They bring a manifestation of God's presence in a supernatural way. (sensed by believers and unbelievers)
c.) In some cases, because the person hears tongues as a foreign language they
- Pentecost - Brother who spoke Italian
d.) Also, in some cases, tongues produce a power encounter between forces of God and of Satan in the unbeliever.
- Ephesians 6; Suzanne's story; personal observation
NOTE: Even when tongues are spoken and exercised properly and in order, it does not mean everyone will receive them, it only means there is an opportunity for God to work in unbelievers who are sincerely seeking - i.e. - Acts 2:13
- On the day of Pentecost, some present accused them of being drunk. However, God also used it to bring in thousands of lost souls.

2. To speak e ...

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