The Call Of Discipleship (1 of 3) by Jimmy Evans

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The Call Of Discipleship (1 of 3)
Jimmy Evans
2 Chronicles 7

I. The Responsibility for Change - ''My People''
II. The Requirements for Change - ''...shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked way...


1. Submitted Ego - ''humble themselves''
2. Submitted Effort - ''pray''
3. SUBMITTED ENERGY - ''Seek My face''

I. The Principles of Seeking
- God has invested energy within humanity. This energy is the vigor or force necessary to accomplish a task or to achieve a goal. According to Mark 12:30, there are four level of energy that God has given us.
1. Spiritual (heart)
2. Emotional (soul)
3. Mental (mind)
4. Physical (strength)

- In giving this energy to man - God has established three absolute

1. We seek Him fully with this energy - (Mark 12:30)
2. We seek Him first with this energy - (Matthew 6:33)
3. We seek Him faithfully with this energy - (Exodus 20:3-6)

NOTE: A disciple is someone who has taken the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energy that God has given to him and he has committed that energy fully, first and faithfully to seeking God.

II. The Purpose of Seeking - (our motivation)

Understanding the term - ''Seek My face''

1. God is not going to show us His physical presence.
2. God uses the term ''face'' symbolically to refer us to the nature of what it is He wants us to be seeking. In understanding the term ''face'', we realize that the face is the seat of:

1. Identity - to know Him
2. Communication - to relate to Him
3. Intimacy - to love Him

NOTE: The purpose of seeking God's fa ...

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