A Call to Devotion to Jesus by David Cawston

A Call to Devotion to Jesus
David Cawston
Luke 10:41-42; John 11:17-40, 12:2-8

I have chosen this topic as a theme today as the last Sunday of 2002 and knowing that many of us will make resolutions for 2003.

Let me suggest an important resolution to you.

Respond to the call to devotion that Jesus asks.
"Say Lord I will commit myself to be devoted to you completely in 2003!"

Charles Swindoll,
"One of the most attractive, magnetic characteristics of the Christ is His consistency. When you need Him, He is there. He's there even when you don't think you need Him! You're never too early or too late. He's never in a lousy mood nor will He ask you to call back during of fire hours. He's available... because He's immutable. With Him, there's no new year or old year. He is "the same," regardless.


Today's culture has so many pulls and distractions. This complicates the decision.

There are times when the schedule of my life seems out of control. I tend to run from meeting to meeting, squeezing in time with my family and friends. My business seems very logical and important: Preparing and studying for Sunday and Wednesday services, keeping up with business appointments, meeting with staff, attending to emergencies of people in the congregation. Spending time with my wife and with our kids and grandkids, etc.

Though I try to plan carefully, the unexpected always throws me a curve.

There is the TELEPHONE.

Or should I say telephones.
One of the rudest pieces of equipment in our culture.
It can interrupt at any time.
It demands attention immediately.
It goes on day and night!


It can rule your house and mine by interrupting our schedules.
We are afraid that we are going to miss something important.

Then there is our SCHEDULE as a family as well as work.

This appointment.
That event.
Take the kids to th ...

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