Walk Uprightly (4 of 8) by David Cawston

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Walk Uprightly (4 of 8)
Defeating the enemy in your life?
David Cawston
Ephesians 6:10-14

"...with the breastplate of righteousness in place"

It is important that we develop an understanding of the word "Righteousness".
The easiest way of understanding that word is to think of it as "right-wise-ness"
Doing the right wise things in life!
Walk uprightly

If I do the right wise things I do no give the enemy a foothold in my life!
Illus. Not Paying Taxes!
"Render unto Caesar what is Caesar and unto God what is God's!"
If you believe a lie that for example my allegiance and responsibility for taxes is not to civil governments because you have been persuaded by some organization that tells you some made up theory based upon some historical document that is no longer relevant and you stand upon that and fight the government by not paying your taxes. You pray and tell God that you put your trust in Him and you expect Him to help you by getting you off the hook for your taxes.

1. You have believed a lie.
2. You are not walking in righteousness because God's word teaches that you are to submit to all authority of government and Jesus even paid taxes!
3. You have provided a foothold of the enemy by your refusing to know the truth and practice the truth and now you will be disillusioned because your understanding of God to protect you in that action is false.

The foundation of righteousness is truth!
Anywhere that you are not founded on truth you will not walk in righteousness.
Wrong information in produces wrong actions out!
Junk in junk out!
That is why truth is so important!
PRO 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.
It is in your heart that enemy attacks also.
The Heart is the seat of the emotions and the source of many decisions and choices.
In our heart we can become:
Discouraged or encouraged!
Anger or Love ...

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