Murder He Spoke (5 of 9) by Doug Tegner

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Murder He Spoke (5 of 9)
Doug Tegner

So much in news past few weeks about murder.
Jennifer Lin
5 Air Force Personnel in Spokane
Of course, the grisly deaths of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman

Murder is always a tragedy
It always leaves others behind who have a long-term journey of coping
Murder in cold-blood, destroys a human life, a life in the image of God
A murderer takes the place of God determines when should die

We know murder of a human is far different that killing an animal
Drive by a carcass of a rodent or animal we call it Road Kill
If drive by a person lying alongside the road we'd shudder and act
If you have ever watched someone die especially if you have ever seen one killed the image forever etched in your mind.

Because God created each person with dignity and in His image.
Our conscience recognizes that deeply stung when see another die.
Murder such a dramatic and soul-penetrating event deeply moves us.

God spoke to Moses on the mountain and declared in Exodus 20:13 that You shall not murder
It is a clear cut command and law of God we are in no way to plan, plot and conspire to take the life of an innocent person and intentionally end their life.

In fact, God's law requires a society to deal strongly and decisively with anyone who intentionally plots to take the life of another. This applies to any cold-blooded, first degree, pre-meditated murder.
It applies to suicide
It applies to abortion
It applies to infanticide
It applies to euthanasia Jack Kevorkian fits this category

The real question is:

Why is murder so prevalent in some societies and in some time-periods?
Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
It's really a matter of the heart.
If it's not a gun, it will be by some other means.
If people do not have personal self-restraint and self-control, we will never see a decline to murder.

What precedes most murders?
So ...

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