Setting One Day Apart (3 of 9) by Doug Tegner

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Setting One Day Apart (3 of 9)
Doug Tegner

Does that sound like a Sunday morning around your house?

What a contrast to days gone by in many Cxn homes.
Night before
Call friends to see if they need a ride
Clothes were selected
Sunday Lunch/Dinner was prepared ahead of time
Lessons were prepared to prepare for Sunday School

What's contributed to the Chaos on Sunday Mornings and the loss of the Sunday as set apart?

TV Saturday late night TV
Ask HSers what time to bed Sat PM
after midnight? After 2am.

Stores were closed; advent of shopping malls;
JC Penney last store
Ripon, CA

Used to be no Sunday Sports; British Sabbath movie, Chariots of Fire
Our families soccer, baseball, gymnastics, swimming
Saturdays, then Sun AM's, now often any time.

It is a different day than 30 yrs ago...than 50, 100, 200 yrs ago.

EXODUS 20:8-10
The 10 commandments first written approximately 1440 B.C.
3400 yrs ago!
So it's no wonder its different today.

READ 810
Note that at the first giving of the 10 commandments,
God tells the people through Moses to REMEMBER to SABBATH

What were they to remember?
Remember His example.
READ vs. 11

He did His creative work in six days; rested on the seventh;
BLESSED that day and made it holy.
The principle of a day of rest is rooted not in the Law but in creation...
before the Law was given

Even before the giving of the commandments,
God showed them how He would provide for them in Ex. 16.

In the morning - receive bread that I rain down to you.
The people gathered it - asked what is it?
Provision and Production to stop on the Sabbath. CEASE YOUR WORK
Pick up manna each evening and morning, enough for that day or it will spoil.
On day six, pick up enough for two days it would not spoil.

Bear in mind the Lord has given you the Sabbath.
That is why on the ...

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