Refusing to Reduce God (2 of 9) by Doug Tegner

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Refusing to Reduce God (2 of 9)
Doug Tegner
Exodus 20:4-6

Have you noticed a major frustration of people through the years?

To Know or Worship an Invisible God

ill. Eastern Orthodox churches in Romania - pictures of God and Cx and people worship and use to picture God.

Ill. Of Gargoyles in Church of England older cathedrals

ill. Manitou Springs Images of dolphins, unicorns, birds, whales

1st Command vs. 3 TO NOT HAVE ANY false or substitute gods
2nd Command worshipping the true God, falsely BY IMAGES

The WHAT of THIS command: MAKE / HAVE No idols!

Found in last study - people of Israel in wilderness created a golden bull to worship the true God had to see their god, said make us a god who will go before us.

We see idolatry in O.T. and we see it in modern history in European cathedrals as well as pagan cultures: Large temples and idols, statutes

God commands: never use an object as focal point for worship
Don't make an image or resemblance of me!

The WHY: God knows human beings real well
Images Dishonor God
Images Mislead Men

HOW does an image or picture or caricature of God mislead
No image crafted could ever represent the totality of who He is!
Any image attempting to depict God would only reduce Him.

Ill. Mt Rushmore show by crafting a clay figure

Attempts to make God concrete automatically reduce him.

Two Primary Warnings: 1 Use of religious symbols
2 Use of mental images

1 Use of religious symbols
Historically this has especially been debated about use of crucifix.
Some say: Come on, give it a break! A symbol like that cannot convey everything about Jesus! That's exactly the point!

ill. woman in store - I'll take the one w/ the little man hanging on it.

Only reveals a rendition of a dying, suffering limp man on a cross defeated! Totally misses the truth and reality of the victory and power. The empty tomb the right hand of the father in heaven


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