What to Do When You've Blown It in Family Life by Rick White

What to Do When You've Blown It in Family Life
Rick White
Ephesians 5:25-30, Ephesians 6:1-4
June 27, 1993 am

Introduction: If only. If only I had known... If only I could take back what I said... If only I could undo what I did... If only. Words of regret. Words of shamed remembrance. Words that admit we've blown it. We all make mistakes in life. Intellectual mistakes. Spiritual mistakes. Financial mistakes. The list goes on forever. But no mistakes are as painful as people mistakes. Especially mistakes made with people we love- like our children and mates. While it is impossible to turn back the clock, we can learn from the past and we can turn negative memories of those mistakes into something positive.

I want to remind you once again of the words of John White in his book Parents in Pain; Parents are admonished to bring up children properly. Children are admonished to respond wisely to parental correction. If both play their part all well be well. But it takes a parent-child team working in harmony to produce this happy result. You cannot control another human being, even if that human being is your own child.
• Mistakes are Inescapable. No matter how much we may regret them, mistakes are an inescapable part of our humanity. We are all imperfect-including our children.
• Honesty is the first step in facing our failures. For an alcoholic, the first step of recovery is to look people in the eye and say: " Hello. My name is so and so and I'm an alcoholic." Prior to any healing of broken relationships you must be able to confront your own failure honestly.

Far too many people get caught in the trap of feeling that we have to do well in order to earn God's acceptance. God does not evaluate us in terms of our achievements. Grace means He looks at who we are in Christ not what we have done. Failure can teach us many things, show us where we need to make changes, redirect our course of ac ...

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