Anger Ahead! Enter at Your Own Risk (5 of 8) by Rick White

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Anger Ahead! Enter at Your Own Risk (5 of 8)
Rick White
Ephesians 4:26-27, James 1:19-20
February 6, 1993

See Ephesians 4:26-27 and James 1:19-20

Introduction: Leonard Holt was a paragon of respectability. He was a middle-aged, hard-working lab technician who had worked at the same Pennsylvania paper mill for 19 years. Having been a Boy Scout leader, an affectionate father, a member of the local fire brigade, and a regular churchgoer, he was admired as a model in his community. Until...that image exploded in a well-planned hour of bloodshed one brisk October morning. Holt decided to mount a one-man revolt against the world he inwardly resented.

A proficient marksman, he stuffed two pistols into his coat pockets - a .45 automatic and a Smith and Wesson .38 - before he drove his station wagon to the mill. Parking quietly, he gripped a gun in each fist then slowly stalked into the shop. He started shooting with such calculated frenzy that it resembled a scene out of "Gunsmoke." He filled several of his fellow workmen with two and three bullets apiece, firing more than 30 shots in all ...deliberately killing some of the men he had known for over 15 years. When a posse was formed to capture the man, they found him standing in his doorway, snarling defiantly. He was a man brimming with resentful rage that could be held in check no longer. Beneath his picture in Time magazine, the caption told the truth: RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTABLE - AND RESENTFUL.


A. APPROPRIATE ANGER is anger directed at wrong or wrongdoing. The Ephesians passage acknowledges the possibility of an acceptable form of anger. Yet the passage is worded in such a way as to remind us that anger and sin often travel together. Just as fire may warm your food or destroy your house, so may anger be either helpful or harmful. It can be constructive or destructive.

1. Anger against sin is justifiable. Anger removed the moneychangers from the temple.
2. Anger has stood ...

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