How Much Faith Is Enough? (7 of 10) by Rick White

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How Much Faith Is Enough? (7 of 10)
Stand Your Ground: A Personal Battle Plan for Spiritual Warfare
Rick White
Ephesians 6:16

Introduction: "I'm proud of the fact that my faith in God is so much stronger and I'm so much more at peace with myself than I've ever been in my life." "Where I was with my faith last year and where I an now is leaps and bounds." Payne Stewart

One of my dearest friends in life is a pastor in Missouri. We have known each other since we were college students. Several years ago this man's brother lost a young son in death. The family had prayed for the young child to be healed and when he was not, they were devastated.

At the graveside funeral the minister made this statement: "this child's death is not the will of God. It is evidence of lack of faith on the part of members of this family."

Today we are going to talk about the subject of faith, especially the passage where we are told to take up the shield of faith. What does it mean to live by faith and how much faith is enough?


Does believing something count for anything? Some people seem to think so. In fact most people believe in something or someone, even the bizarre.

Illustration: Statistic: Elvis, Aliens, and Other Beliefs
Percentage of Americans who believe:
--that Elvis Presley is still alive: 10
--in reincarnation: 30
--in ghosts: 39
--that aliens have visited earth in the past 100 years: 53
--that the U.S. government is currently involved in cover-ups and conspiracies: 74
Luntz Research, cited in George (12/96).
Leadership, "To Verify."

Faith Is Not Wishful Thinking.

Faith Is Not Having A Positive Mental Attitude.

Faith Is Not A Magic Formula.

Faith Is Not A Warm Fuzzy Emotion.

Faith Is Believing To The Point Of Personal Commitment.

Faith Is Trusting And Acting On What God Has Said.

Faith Is As Valid As The Object On Which It Rests.

Faith (pistis) cannot be limited t ...

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