Magnify Jesus: Love the People Christ Died for by Rick White

Magnify Jesus: Love the People Christ Died for
Theme: Magnify Jesus
Rick White
Tennessee State Evangelism Conference
Judson Baptist Church
Matthew 5:13-16
January 19-20

Introduction: In his book Christian Counter-Culture, John R.W. Stott has this to say: "If the beatitudes describe the essential character of the disciples of Jesus, the salt and light metaphors indicate their influence for good in the world.
Yet the very notion that Christians can exert a healthy influence in the world should bring us up with a start. What possible influence could the people described in the beatitudes exert in this hard, tough world? What lasting good can the poor and the meek do, the mourners and the merciful, and those who try to make peace not war? Would they not simply be overwhelmed by the floodtide of evil? What can they accomplish whose only passion is an appetite for righteousness, and whose only weapon is purity of heart? Are not such people too feeble to achieve anything, especially if they are a small minority in the world?
It is evident that Jesus did not share this skepticism. Rather the reverse. The world will undoubtedly persecute the church, yet it is the church's calling to serve this persecuting world. This must be your only retaliation; 'Rudolf Stier expressed it, -love and truth for hatred and lies.' Incredible as it may sound, Jesus referred to that handful of Palestinian peasants as the salt of the earth and the light of the world, so far-reaching was their influence to be."

By modest estimate, more than a quarter of the entire population of the United States has professed an evangelical conversion experience. William Iverson wryly observes that "A pound of meat would surely be affected by a quarter pound of salt. If this is real Christianity, the 'salt of the earth,' where is the effect of which Jesus spoke?" (Christianity Today, June 6, 1980, p.33)

(Mat 5:13-16 NIV) "You are the salt of the earth. B ...

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