How to Respond When People You Love Hurt You (4 of 7) by Rick White

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How to Respond When People You Love Hurt You (4 of 7)
Series: Lessons For Life From Joseph's Journal
Rick White
Genesis 42:1-28

Introduction: Someone made the following statement in humor that illustrates a very serious point: "I go to confession every week because I do love to remember it."

What do you do with the blacklist in life? Do you remember what you ought to forget? What is it in our lives that makes it difficult to forgive other people? Are there certain circumstances that surround your impatience? Can you specifically name the people with whom you are holding a grudge? How can you deal with this?

There are all kinds of hurt that we experience in life. Perhaps there is nothing that hurts so deeply as the hurt we feel from those that we love, friends and family. What should be our response when people we love hurt us?

(Gen 42:1-5 NASB) Now Jacob saw that there was grain in Egypt, and Jacob said to his sons, "Why are you staring at one another?" {2} And he said, "Behold, I have heard that there is grain in Egypt; go down there and buy some for us from that place, so that we may live and not die." {3} Then ten brothers of Joseph went down to buy grain from Egypt. {4} But Jacob did not send Joseph's brother Benjamin with his brothers, for he said, "I am afraid that harm may befall him." {5} So the sons of Israel came to buy grain among those who were coming, for the famine was in the land of Canaan also.

A. Dialogue with Joseph
(Gen 42:6-17 NASB) Now Joseph was the ruler over the land; he was the one who sold to all the people of the land. And Joseph's brothers came and bowed down to him with their faces to the ground. {7} When Joseph saw his brothers he recognized them, but he disguised himself to them and spoke to them harshly. And he said to them, "Where have you come from?" And they said, "From the land of Canaan, to buy food." {8} But Joseph had recognized his brothers, alth ...

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