How to Get Back to God When You're Tired of Running Away (7 of 17) by Andrew McQuitty

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How to Get Back to God When You're Tired of Running Away (7 of 17)
E. Andrew McQuitty

Introduction: When you're tired of running from God. . .

A. ILLUS: Between 1946 and 1964, roughly 75 million babies were born into the Baby Boomers generation. We came along at a time of great post-war optimism when we didn't have a national debt, economic opportunity abounded, and science was stepping up as the answer to every human dilemma. People began to feel their oats and get free from the outmoded religious cliches of our parents. As a result, roughly two-thirds of baby boomers dropped out of organized religion. The faith of our fathers would be strictly that, thank you very much! Then came the sixtes with the New Age movement and the influx of near-Eastern religions and hippies and yippies and flower children. The drug culture ascended, the war in Viet Nam began, and John and Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King were assassinated. Elvis overdosed and Richard Nixon was forced from office over Watergate. Things began to unravel so badly that in the seventies and eighties millions in my generation began to wonder if our parents weren't smarter than we'd given them credit for!

B. Today, we are witnessing an amazing phenomenon--the wholesale return to organized religion of nearly one- third of the entire baby-boom generation--some 43 million people. Some eighty percent of Boomers now consider themselves religious and believe in life after death! Disillusioned, confused, and sometimes hurting or feeling guilty, we're inching our way back to church, back to our roots, back to God. Tired of running from God, we want to find Him once again. But how do we get back to God when we've been so long away? This morning, I want to let God's Word answer that question as we look at the example of one who left God for a long time only to come back later--David, future King of Israel. . .

I. Remember your reasons for running.

A. Scripture: 27. 1-7

1. (1-4 ...

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