I Think I Missed God's Will---now What? (7 of 8) by Jim Henry

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The Will of God
Rev. Jim Henry
Psalm 139:18; Job 42:2
Sunday 11/11/01, 9:15 A.M. Service

Bill, thinking he knew what God’s will was, had
prayed about accepting a new job. So, they moved from
a happy place, where they were to another city.
Things were good for awhile. After six months the word
came down through the company that his job was being
eliminated. Suddenly no income, family stretched,
house payments coming due. What in the world is going
on because he prayed and he thought he was in God’s
will. Had he missed God’s will?

Then there was Suzie. She had been raised in a
Christian home, gone to church most of her life, went
to college, was employed after college and had a good
job. She met this fellow and kind of liked the guy
and after awhile they felt they were fairly serious
and he asked her if he could move in with her. They
were not yet married, she knew better, but said “Okay,
seems like a nice guy and we’ll probably marry.” So
he moved in and they lived together for three years.
Then, one day he walked in and simply said, “I no
longer love you, I’m leaving.” He leaves her, She
finds out, not too long afterwards that he has passed
on to her a sexually transmitted disease.

She missed God’s will somehow. Would God take
her back? How do you start over? What do you do if
you miss God’s will? Let’s more or less talk about it
because I know everybody here somewhere or another,
has felt like sometime, somewhere at least once in our
lives we missed God’s will either by our own choice
or, having sought it, looked like we missed it because
of what happened after we made that choice. So, let’s
see if God has something to say to us today.

If you'll open your Bible there are two places
just as a text to get us to a jumping off place (and
we will hear some more as we move along). The first
one is in the last chapter of the Book ...

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