How God Speaks, How We Listen (4 of 8) by Jim Henry

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The Will of God
Rev. Jim Henry
John 10:1-6
Sunday, 10/7/01, 9:15 A.M. Service

I’m going to ask a question of the men here
today: Has your mother or your wife ever accused you
of not listening? Hold up your hand. I think it’s
about unanimous! I guess it’s in the male genes;
that’s the only thing I can think of. Last week I
came home from church and had hardly gotten in the
door; Jeanette was already there, and she said, “You
just don’t ever listen.” What have I missed this
time? I thought. “You told that story about Betsy last
week and you said she baked a pie. She didn’t bake a
pie; she brought flowers to that couple. She didn’t
bake a pie, she never bakes pies! Where did you get
that?” I was all pumped up about a great morning and I
ran straight into it, all because I didn’t listen. I’m
sure she told me. I just didn’t listen and I missed
telling the story as accurately as I wanted to tell
it. Just like us men, I just didn’t listen. That’s
the way it is.

Dr. Joyce Brothers, the famous psychologist, said
she had counseled many people through the years but
she was really angry with her husband. She said,
“Maybe not angry, but in a way, I am.” She said he
was a wonderful doctor and had helped many people,
sometimes just writing things off and not charging.
But he smoked. She said, “I just kept telling him
'Quit smoking.’ ” He said he would and he wouldn’t
smoke around me but I knew he did smoke and it got him
and killed him. Now, when I reach over and touch an
empty place where he had been or I go by one of our
favorite restaurants the tears rise in my eyes; I just
wish that he had made the right choice, that he would
have listened to what everybody was telling him to do.
But, he didn’t listen.” She went on to say, “There
are a lot of people in our culture who don’t listen
and because they don’t listen they often make wrong
choices and t ...

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