Checking Our Impressions, Fleeces And Signs (3 of 8) by Jim Henry

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The Will of God
Rev. Jim Henry
Matthew 12:38-39
Sunday 09/02/01, 9:15 A.M. Service

It’s football season and all the women here did
not say, “Amen!” For a lot of men football season is
an exciting time. A historical fact: some of you have
game season tickets with reserved seats. Did you know
that the idea of reserved seats for basketball,
football and all that is Biblical? People don’t know
this but reserved seats originated in 1885 at the
First Presbyterian Church of Nashville, Tennessee,
where they sold reserved seats at $25 for six months.
The family could keep on and if they paid $25 every
six months they could reserve the seats right on
through the year.

Same thing happens today when you get your
reserved seats. You can keep on reserving and pass
them on to your family just as long as they are paid
for. With that in mind, starting next Sunday we’re---
!! No, we don’t do it that way here. We do it the way
we do because we love our Lord Jesus, Nothing’s
reserved and seating is open to everybody, We come
with joy and through the church, touch the world.

Sometimes, somewhere along in life, sometimes
often, we’re seeking to know what God wants us to do
and how and when He wants us to do it. It could be
family; it could be a vocation, it could be things in
our neighborhood; it could be how to vote. There are
all kinds of decisions we face in our seeking to know
the guidance of God. It is a marvel and mystery and I
want to talk about it this morning, with particular
emphasis on signs, impressions and fleeces. Those are
things we all deal with and they did in the Bible. So,
let’s have a word of prayer and then we will look at

Please pray with me: Father we thank You for the
responsibility and the privilege to make choices and I
pray, Lord that in these minutes Your words will
counsel us because all of us face problems ...

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