The Hot Line You Can Trust (14 Of 15) by Jim Henry

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"Prophecy and the Truth of the Bible"
Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 11:1-45

Today, and in the days that lie ahead of us,
there will be more and more information; books
written; movies and television specials and all kinds
of things concerning the millennium. There's going to
be a whole lot of stuff floating round because a lot
of people are interested in spiritual things. Today,
spirituality is probably at an all-time high, though
the reality of living a Christian life may be at the
all-time low. At the same time God's people need to
have a discerning eye and ear because the people you
work with, neighbor to and talk to, they are going to
be seeing and hearing these things. Some of them are
going to feel great consternation and concern; some
will have questions to ask. We need to be as alert as
we can to help them understand what God has to say
about end times.

The Bible speaks very clearly about it. It's
God's hot line to earth through His Word. He doesn't
give us all the details; doesn't answer all our
questions, but He gives us enough so that we can keep
our balance and look for Him, yet at the same time
make a difference in the world we live in.

Now, in the Scripture, when we get to a section
like Daniel, chapter 11, you might say, "What in the
world is that in the Bible for?" I mean, it talks
about kings invading the north and the south and a
whole lot of stuff there; why should we have all that
in the Bible; why should we look at it and study it?
To tell the truth there have been times when I've
looked at some of those things and said, "Well, now,
Lord, I'll just skip over this and get over to this
other part." But, there are two things we need to
realize about the Scripture. Number One, studying
Scripture and knowing God's Word is not an easy thing.
That's why Paul said to Timothy, "Study to show
yourself approved unto God, rightly divid ...

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