The Struggle Behind The Struggles (13 Of 15) by Jim Henry

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"Demonic Influences"
Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 11:1-45

April 22, 1998: ABC special program on
"Exorcism." The program had the correspondents for ABC
and with them they had a doctor, a priest, and a nurse
who was a scientist. Also present were two young men
who had been studying exorcisms and other supernatural

For instance, they found that the room
temperature where the exorcisms were being held
dropped ten degrees. They found other supernatural
phenomena that could not be explained and, though they
were scientists, it was very evident that they were
seeing and experiencing some things that were very

At the end of the program on ABC it was very
interesting to me to hear the observation of the ABC
journalist. After listening to the scientists, the
doctor, and the clergy he said, "There's something
going on out there in the spiritual world that cannot
be explained in human terms. There's something beyond
us that is happening out there." A fascinating

In Daniel, chapter ten, we're going to have just
a glimpse of what one theologian has called "the
struggle behind the struggles"--that thing that's
going on out there in the invisible world, the demonic
and the godly--It is happening all around us. So open
your Bibles to Daniel. Chapter 10 introduces us,
really, to chapters eleven and twelve. It is a look at
the immediate present, which Daniel is going to be
coming to grips with. It's going to show the distant
future and it will also deal with the nation of
Israel. In chapter ten we have the last time that
Daniel is given a prophetic vision. Here we will pick
up with this vision of this struggle within the
struggle; the demonic influences in the world around

Would you pray with me? Father, thank You for
letting me come home again; thank You for protecting
our people in this church, your ...

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