God's Program For Israel (12 Of 15) by Jim Henry

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"Future Of The Nation Of Israel"
Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 9:1-27

Last week we looked at Antiochus Epiphanes and
some of the future regarding Israel as Daniel had this
tremendous vision.

In the paper yesterday there was this headline:
"Approach of Millennium Brings New Interest in Lost
Tribes of Israel." After the ten tribes of Israel were
conquered by the Assyrians they were split. There has
been much conjecture about these tribes of Israel.
Part of that article said: "The children of Israel are
a community of 13,000 Jews who lived in India.
According to their tradition their ancestors fled
persecution by the Syrian-Greek king Antiochus
Epiphanes around 175 B.C., not long after the first
Hanukkah." The news item highlights the fact that the
Bible is as fresh as what we are reading, hearing and
seeing today in the news. The Bible always has
something powerful to say and reminds us of what God
has spoken; I would remind you again that prophecy is

Somebody related the story of a young minister
and his seminary professor who came to hear him
preach. He said to the young minister, "I noticed in
your preaching, over a period of time, that you never
mentioned prophecy very much." The young minister
answered by saying, "I don't want to preach about
prophecy because I don't want to get our people
distracted. I want to keep them living in the
present." The professor said, "Well, that's very
interesting; there are a lot of distracting things in
the Bible if that's what you are looking for because
the Bible speaks a great deal about a distracting
subject called prophecy!"

Much of that prophecy is built around the nation
of Israel. If you don't understand that, then you'll
miss prophecy. In Zechariah 2:8 there's a passage
which says, "Israel is the apple of my eye and whoever
touches Israel I will deal with them." Now, what's
t ...

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