A Picture Of The Final Darth Vader (11 Of 15) by Jim Henry

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"The Antichrist"
Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 8:1-27

In these days in which we are living, and as we
move toward the millennium, we hear and see many
different things going on in the world and if you are
a believer you have to be a little bit excited, with a
sense of anticipation. Not because of the approach of
the year 2000 for I'm not exactly sure how all of
those things going on might fit into the year 2000.
However I can say that according to the Bible there
are things falling in place, looking toward some very
prophetic things happening, perhaps historically, in
our lifetime. Of course, you always have to be
careful about what you hear, read and see about
people looking ahead to the future. That's why it's
important you stay glued to the Bible so that you keep
a balance.

Just three or four weeks ago some Korean prophet
out in Texas said God was coming back and would show
Himself. The prophet and his followers were expecting
God on a certain date and they all waited at the
appointed place, along with a lot of the press. Of
course, God didn't show up and they asked this
prophet, "What happened? We thought you said God told
you He was going to show up?" The man thought a
moment, then said, "I don't guess He did, did He?"

One of our members says his brother attends a
church in Florida where the pastor said Jesus was
coming on April 16 and many in the congregation
believed him. April 16th has come and gone and Jesus
has not shown up. As a consequence many are
disillusioned and people sometimes think Christians
are nutty because they follow these kinds of things.
We don't have to do that and, thankfully, most people
do not. It is very important to keep our eyes and
ears spiritually glued to the Bible and to the media
and what's happening in the world because the Bible
teaches us that the world is moving toward a
climacti ...

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