The Lions In Your Den (8 Of 15) by Jim Henry

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Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 6:1-16

The contract bidding was between the Boeing and
Douglas aircraft companies. Eddy Rickenbacker, then
the head of Eastern Airlines, was talking with Donald
Douglas about the bids between the two companies to
supply his Eastern with airliners. Rickenbacker said
to Mr. Douglas, "You know, you both are very close on
your bids for this DC-8 airplane and I just wonder if
you can do anything about suppressing the noise the
airplane makes. I'm going to give you some time to
work on that with your engineers and see what you can
do." A few weeks later Donald Douglas came back to
Eddy and said. "Mr. Rickenbacker, we've done the best
we can, but we cannot, right now, suppress that noise
in time to make a bid. Rickenbacker said to him,
"You're right! I knew that, but I just wanted to
check you out to see if you're honest. You get the
bid. Go build the planes for us and see what you can
do about the noise." Integrity made the difference.

Integrity. How do you define integrity?
Integrity has been called being sincere, being
consistent, letting there be no deception, no pretense
and being whole, inside and out. That is one
definition of integrity. Do you know people of
integrity, people who are whole, inside and out?

There's just something about that word
integrity, that consistency, that we like. You may
have heard of this incident that happened in Southern
California recently, where a man rushed into a fried
chicken restaurant and ordered some food to go. He
paid for his order and took it to the car where he and
his lady friend drove off to a picnic area. Low and
behold when they started to unpack the food the fried
chicken had disappeared. In its place was what
appeared to be the day's cash receipts of the
restaurant. The man closed the box and rushed back to
the restaurant. Handing the chicken box with ...

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