Surviving The Gutter Part 2 (2 Of 15) by Jim Henry

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"Living By Conviction In A Secular Culture"
Rev. Jim Henry
Daniel 1:8-21

If you've been to the Daytona 500 or any of the
races like that, you know there is something of great
importance in winning, or even surviving, and that is
the tires. You are going 150 to over 190 miles an
hour and those tires have to be the very best because
your life is on the line. The racers will tell you
the foundation of safety and winning the race is based
on great tires. The better the tire under you, the
better the chance you have of winning and surviving.

We live in a culture in which our foundations
must be sure if we are going to win and survive and do
it in a powerful way. However, many people today
unfortunately seem to go along with the song that goes
something like this and which you may have heard from
a passing car with its radio on and its windows down
(maybe not even that, since some of the equipment is
so loud you can hear it through the windows). The
words go:

"Don't you know, Mr. Joe; don't you know? You
gotta go with the flow, Mr. Joe; just the flow. So lay
low, Mr. Joe; lay low. Play it cool is the rule;
status quo, Mr. Joe; status quo. Be hip; don't rock
the ship, 'cause you know, Mr. Joe; yes, you know, Mr.
Joe; you gotta go with the flow; just go with the

Well, what if Daniel had gone with the flow? He
didn't. How did he keep from doing it and what
difference did it make?

Now, before we return to this great Book of
Daniel, let us have a word of prayer: Father we thank
You so much that You have made very clear the
difference between having You and having the world--
Going with the flow or having a purpose in our hearts.
I pray, Father, that You will show us through Your
mighty Word and this man Daniel how to survive in a
culture that seems to enjoy going with the flow. I
pray, Lord, that You will raise up in this church ...

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