The Party In The Midst Of Pain (4 of 5) by Jim Henry

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(Healing for Hurt)
Rev. Jim Henry, Pastor
Psalm 23:5
Sunday, 08/27/00, 9:15 a.m. Service

If I were to ask you about some hurts you have
had in your life, immediately everybody in here, I am
sure, could think of at least one. Just last week we
looked at troubles that come we also have hurts that
come in our lives. Sometimes the hurts come in such a
way that they sting us, they hurt us: it's hard for us
to deal with them. Sometimes they are hurts that we
didn't ask for; sometimes they're brought on by
circumstances, but we all have hurts. On the other
side of that, David, a man who had ministered and been
ministered to in his hurts, found that God had
prepared a party for him,

That's what we primarily want to look at this
morning: the party that God has prepared for those
who've been hurt. Think about the best party that
you've ever attended. One may have just jumped into
your mind: "Oh, that was a great party,. I mean, of
all the parties I've attended that was the best." I
want you to know that there's nothing like the party
that God prepares for those who love Him. In the fifth
verse of Psalm 23 he talks about the party that God
provides for those who hurt. So let's look at this
marvelous verse of Scripture. Notice the scene of the
party, and you have to use your imagination just a
little bit. Remember now, the shepherd is taking his
sheep to the best green pastures that he has found. He
gets them to this high place, which is usually on what
is known as a tableland; in southern Europe and in the
United States we call them mesas.

So you go to a certain place and the table is
set for you, so to speak. He says the Lord has
prepared a table and the best forage that he can
manage for us. He has gone ahead to prepare a message
for us because He knows the kind of party we need. The
reason the shepherd went ahead of the sheep was
because sometimes in ...

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