Women Give Birth To Boys - Men Give Birth To Men (11 Of 16) by Jim Henry

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(Dad, The Male Coach)
The Way Home Series, Part 11 of 16
Ephesians 6:4
Rev.Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Orlando

Sunday 03/26/00, 9:15 AM Service

A Little Leaguer was playing center field and it
looked like he was paying attention. Sure enough the
batter hit the ball which tore out toward center
field. The little fellow now appeared disoriented and
missed catching the ball. Finally the inning was over
and the coach called him over and asked, "What
happened to you out there, son?" The boy said, "Well,
I was just looking for Daddy in the stands." A lot of
little boys and a lot of little girls are looking for
dad in the stands.

I remember when I ran track. Dad traveled a lot
but he said, "I'm going to try to be there to see you
run." I did just like that Little Leaguer; I was
looking for Dad in the stands. When I jogged out on
that track I scanned the stands to see if Dad was
there. Dennis Rodman is a very notorious NBA
basketball player, or was. You know it looked like
Dennis was looking for dad in the stands. Sometimes he
tore out there to grab a spectator who was bugging
him. Sometimes he did bizarre things; he cross-dressed
and all kind of things but as you look closer at his
life you find that there was the lack of a Dad in the
stands for Dennis Rodman and he's still looking for a
Dad in the stands.

Dad in the stands, Dad, the coach, is very, very
important. Dr. George Valiant made a study of
businessmen, following a group from their college days
all the way until they were age 47. They were in all
walks of life. He asked them about their relationship
with their fathers, their career paths and other
things. Ninety-five percent of them said their dad
either had only a negative or little influence in
their lives.

When you think about this terrible thing that's
happening and yet you realize that there is, for many
pe ...

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